Studying Swedish

Introduction to Anki

Anki is a app for desktop and android that is great for reviewing large amount of information, such as language vocabulary, on a daily basis.

The app relies on the principle of spaced repetion, which means that the daily interval for reviews are calculated by the app based on how well you remeber a piece of information. That means that information you remember easily will be shown to you less frequent than information you easily forget.

How to use Anki

First you decide how many new cards you want to learn per day and anki will show you the cards until you remember them. On subsequent days, Anki will show you both new cards aswell as some of the cards from previous days for you to review.

Its reccomended to keep the daliy amount of new cards at a low value (10 per day)for atleast a week before you decide to increase the amount of new cards. This is because it's very important that you are able to review your cards every single day and is not overwhelmed. By reviewing every single day you can have alot of cards in your deck, but only spend a small amount of time to review every day.

For example: The A1 deck has about 500 words in it with 2 cards each, one for meaning and one for pronounication. Thats's about 1000 cards. If you spend 20 min a day learning 20 new cards a day, you will complete the whole deck in 50 days.

Download Links

Anki App: link Rivstart Deck: link Core 9k Deck: link