Welcoming period


TEKKEN is the eminent welcoming group for Asian Studies at Linköping University.

TEKKEN 24/25 is directed by Tilda Ek and can be reached at:

TEKKEN's adventures can be followed on Facebook and Instagram!

First Weeks

During the first weeks of study, an intensive introductory course will be held in each language. The course is held by students from higher grades and focuses on teaching the basics of each language.

For those studying Japanese, this means learning the two phonetic alphabets hiragana and katakana, and for those studying Chinese, it means practicing pronunciation and also learning some Chinese characters.

It is suggested that you take your time during the summer and learn as much as possible before you start, as the first few weeks will be intense!

After the first weeks, the regular course with our amazing teacher Mats Andersson will start.


It happens that some students have not managed to find somewhere to live before the reception starts.

These students should not feel desperate, simple emergency housing is available through KOMBO, Linköping University's own housing organization.

All students who do not have accommodation are encouraged to talk to the class teacher after roll call for help and advice.

Here is a list of good websites you can use to find housing, keep in mind that the campus bus takes students from Norrköping to Linköping for free in about 40 minutes.

www.student.liu.se/bostad - Linköping University's page on housing, with links to various landlords in Linköping and Norrköping.

www.bostad.karservice.se/bostadspoolen - Kårservice has a free tenant organization called KOMBO for students at Linköping University. They also have a housing pool, tips to avoid being scammed and emergency housing.

www.studentbostader.se - The largest tenants' association for students at Linköping University in Linköping.

www.studentbo.se - The largest tenant association for students at Linköping University in Norrköping.

www.linkoping.se/hyresvardar - Linköping municipality's page with landlords in Linköping

www.norrkoping.se/bo-miljo/bostad/fastighetsagare - Norrköping Municipality's page with landlords in Norrköping

Småtting glossary