Resources for self-study

If you like anime or other Japanese media and want to study Japanese beyond what is required to pass the courses of Asian Studies, there are many online resources to help you read books, manga, video games and visual novels in Japanese. Even anime with Japanese subtitles is a very fun and effective way to study. These resources work with Anki and a browser plugin called Yomichan.

Learn Japanese the Moe Way:
This website links to all the resources you might need for self-study of Japanese by reading different kinds of media.


Anki is a program that handles flashcards, which is (arguably) the best way to memorize facts, formulas, but especially glossary! This makes anki an invaluable resource for those who want to learn a language, as one's ability in some sense depends on vocabulary.

Anki Desktop: link, Anki Android: link, Anki iOS: link.
If you don't want to pay for Anki iOS directly, you can also use in Safari, but it lacks some features.

Asian Studies Vocabulary deck: link
Asian Studies Kanji deck: link
Asian Studies Media: link